Friday, August 20, 2010

NING network groups

Sadly, this is the day when NING stops supporting free groups and deletes any network group that did not choose one of their new "fabulous" tier plans.

I really REALLY loved NING and I'm sad to see it go down this road.

I'm not sure of the exact hour when such NINGs will be shut-down, but I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the time we all had on these groups... Not only to the kind folks at NING, but to all my wonderful friends and colleagues... to all of us who shared our little corner of Internet space.

GOP in Second Life
Royal Caledon Air Force
Second Life Bloggers
TimeForce 10
Virtual Girls With Guns

My only solace in all this is... I get to reduce my social media footprint and free more time. I'll still be here on this blog, plus the ever present and growing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course... my lovely YouTube. Yay, YouTube!

I think that's about enough social media for me. So goodbye NING! Like many lost people and things in Second Life, it was so good while it lasted.

I've received word that midnight this Friday evening August 20th/Saturday morning August 21st (PST/SL time) is to be the final moment for all free NING groups.

~ Zoe Connolly
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