Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TimeForce 10 - "Die Glocke"

Following the recovery of the once missing Bell 2 from a remote Blake Sea Island, TimeRaiders Zabrina McMahon and Zoetrope Dreamscape put the finishing touches on the Bell 4.

The Bell 4 is to be the second of five working time machines to be delivered to a special team of 1944 German Scientists.

Once all five Nazi Time Machines are in place, the Germans - with the assistance of The TimeRaiders - will begin Operation TimePanzer: The Secret Plan to send a team of 1944 Germans to meet with Hitler in early 1941.

Will the plan work?

Or did Major Samantha Calamity of TimeForce 10 find the secret of the missing Bell Mark 2?

And will 19th Century Scientist Cinnamon Somerset escape from the TimeRaiders and find her missing husband?
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