Thursday, August 19, 2010

TimeForce 10 - "Major Calamity"

Zoe Connolly gathers her team as more intelligence is retrieved and analyzed regarding the diabolical plans of Zoetrope Dreamscape and her group of Time Raiders.

In this episode, an agent from the past returns to TimeForce 10 to replace their friend and colleague - Ava Zenovka.

Major Samantha Calamity is an accomplished helicopter pilot, decorated war veteran, stunt pilot for movies and television, news chopper pilot, and only secretly - she is well known as an elite assassin in the intelligence community.

Music is from the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

Readers may visit the Time Tunnel by teleporting (or timeporting) to the following SLurl You'll land at my Steampunk home in Caledon Mayfair. Then take the elevator to the Time Tunnel level.
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