Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Rivalry: Zoe vs Zabrina

There's always been a little rivalry between Zabrina McMahon and Zoe Connolly. 

I've sometimes played it as competitive cousins or half-sisters in past steampunk or TimeForce 10 time travel-ly timey whimey days. Erase all that. This is a re-imagined Rivalry for December 2015 and beyond. Zabrina is now Major Zabrina Jaeger of Abwehr III Counter Intelligence and is not a relative at all.

It's June 1944. Zabrina and her team were sent to Caen, France to stop and destroy espionage and sabotage activities in the area.  

Meanwhile, Zoe and the rest of her team, 366 Squadron RAF led by Cornelius Fanshaw, embody the covert action squads Jaeger is sent to stop.

Zoe on the left, Zabrina on the right.

Pictured above: A chance meeting at Leona's Cafe just south of Caen brings Zoe and Zabrina face to face, but neither one knows the identity of the other, nor their secret missions.

Zoe of the RAF, or Zabrina of the Abwehr. Who will prevail in this deadly game of cat and mouse? The stakes have never been higher!

(This just begs for an exciting movie trailer!) 

Hours later as dusk begins, Zoe visits a farm often used as a drop site. Hearing the sound of a cracked twig, she takes no chances. Zoe ducked into the barn where the French Resistance secretly stockpiled various arms.

Naturally suspicious and sensing that something was not quite right about the blonde woman she bumped into, Zabrina followed her to a nearby farm. As the woman turned a corner, Zabrina lost sight. Wait!... An open door! Zabrina slowly pulled her weapon and cautiously approached, but seconds later, she stepped on a twig. 

"Damn, I was followed" Zoe thought.

She slowly and stealthily moved to the other side of an old rusty truck for cover.

Zabrina peered inside.

"Stay calm...this is what you trained for..."

Outside, dusk began and light faded. Zoe swallowed hard and strained to see. Sweat from her forehead made her eyes sting... but both hands had to be on her gun at this very moment. This damn fucked up moment... heart racing, she looked down, trying to come up with a plan... then, she smiled, and thought... "My Hero!"
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