Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WW2 Roleplay in Second Life

We're doing more than just KillCount Combat.

For those interested in such things, we operate several WW2 groups specific to roleplay (RP) in the New Bastogne regions in Second Life. We felt it was lacking depth without our kind of mission oriented RP, so we've created these groups to augment the combat games that normally occur. We're filling in the gaps. Instead of KillCounts, we do spy and sabotage missions.

 New Bastogne, SL's version of Caen, France

On the Allied side:

366 Squadron RAF (owner Cornelius Fanshaw)
One of the more obscure squadrons of the RAF. Very few records of the wartime service are  available other than some tantalising details in other unit histories. Labeled as a "Special Duties" squadron, it is known to have taken part in Operation Backfire and Operation Surgeon and to have been used by SHAEF as part of T-Force.

 366 Sqn RAF

ALLIED INTELLIGENCE (WW2 Era) (owner Zoe Connolly)
An ALLIED COMMUNICATIONS group dedicated to providing the latest intelligence on AXIS positions and movements in the WW2 Era New Bastogne Regions that simulate NAZI Occupied France. MI6, SOE, OSS, 366 Sqn RAF, T-Force.


La Résistance française  (owner Zoe Connolly)
La Résistance française is a group dedicated to espionage and sabotage roleplay in the WW2 Era New Bastogne Regions that simulate NAZI Occupied France. We work in coordination with the following groups: ALLIED INTELLIGENCE and 366 Squadron RAF.

La Résistance française  (French Resistance)

The French Resistance group is perfect roleplay in SL for women with moxie.  Just look at this article of the derring-do of real life Resistance Fighter Simone Segouin. Simone was 18 years old when she fought the Nazis.

On the AXIS side:

Abwehr III Counter-Intelligence  (owner Zabrina Jaeger)(aka my alt Zabrina McMahon)
Abwehr III Counter Intelligence IIIF and Minister of Armaments and War Production, Albert Speer, assigned a special Abwehr team to Caen France. Our Mission: To stop the SOE, OSS, T-Force, 366 Sqn RAF and their attempts to steal or destroy Reich special weapons technology.

 Abwehr III Counter-Intelligence

We decided we needed an AXIS adversary that played by our roleplay rules and in the end, lost most of their battles to us as ALLIES. Who better to do this than us, right?

Zabrina's backstory
Major Zabrina Jaeger of the Abwehr III. A cold and calculating intelligence officer sent to Caen France by Minister of Armaments and War Production, Albert Speer. Her mission: to protect assets and personnel related to German Military Secrets and Wunderwaffe.

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