Friday, June 6, 2008

McBama No! Zoe Yes!

Zoe Connolly 2008

This 2008 Campaign season is a series of historic firsts with the first viable African-American and Female candidates for President of the United States (POTUS).

But if we look beyond these exciting events and look to the issues, we see a few problems with Obama, Clinton, and McCain.

On the Democratic Party side, Barack Obama makes countless voters swoon over well crafted but empty speeches about change and Hillary Clinton - now mostly despised within the party - drops from the race for nomination.

Meanwhile John McCain disappoints conservatives within the Republican Party by turning his back on their movement. The media-darling Maverick Republican now treated like all other Republicans because he dared to run against Democrats for the Presidency.

I believe there is a third approach that will gain support among Tolerant Progressive Conservative Libertarian Transhumanist Christian Agnostic Buddhist Pro-Military Gun-Owners with Low-Carbon Footprints. In the next few weeks I will outline my vision for America's Future.

I hereby announce today.... My name is Zoe Connolly and I'm running for President Of The United States. I am the first female avatar from a virtual world to run for the US Presidency.

So if neither candidate excites you, don't sit this one out, vote for Zoe Connolly as a write-in candidate. It's better than voting none-of-the-above. And I'm way hotter than Hillary.

Paid for by the Zoe Connolly for President 2008 Campaign Committee in Caledon Penzance
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