Thursday, July 16, 2009

APOLLO 11 Lunar Lander in Second Life

While visiting the Space Frontier sim for the Apollo-Saturn V adventure on Monday July 13th, I had the pleasure of meeting builder Ryder Spearmann.

I knew his name from Trek Works building various sci-fi related items such as the very detailed Classic Enterprise Bridge from Star Trek.

Lately, Ryder is using his fantastic building skills creating RL spacecraft in SL such as this beautifully built Lunar Module. I think a Command/Service Module may be next on his agenda.

I promptly setup my own LEM and placed it on display at my aerodrome...after a quick announcement in the Royal Caledon Air Force group I soon had visitors, including Samantha Poindexter, seen here next to me in an appropriate outfit...

Meanwhile, I continue to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this great achievement through the 24th of July...

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