Monday, June 21, 2010

More Downsizing... More Time and Friends

In addition to stepping-down as active RCAF Air Marshal, I will now retire from the Second Life Bloggers inworld group. From what I understand, the NING Second Life Bloggers group will be deleted sometime in August 2010.

Choosing Tymmerie Thorne as my successor was one of the best decisions I made. My worst being the migration of memberships from NING to Grouply. The resulting hate and vitriol that came out of that mess was the final straw for me.

Let me be very clear, I am NOT leaving Second Life. I'm just retiring from a few organizations that have become more of a burden than fun, and when I first signed-up for SL it was all about fun for me.

I can tell you that "herding cats" is no fun at all. It's draining and exhausting to manage your RL AND manage so many virtual groups in SL. What on Earth was I thinking? I learned I'm no Supergirl, that's for DAMN sure!

At the height of my inworld activities I made as many friends as I lost. I mention losing friends because many are gone from SL now. Many were close to me, at least I thought so at the time. I was too busy to notice they were slipping away from me, and too busy to notice when they left SL. When I did notice it was months later. I thought I'd never have regrets in SL but that is my great regret... Not having the time to be a good friend.

So I intend to go back to my roots...

A "Girl with Guns" exploring SL, logging many adventures and posting to her little inconsequential blog.

See you on the Grid my friends.
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