Monday, June 16, 2008

World War Timewarp

Another excellent Video from Vidal Tripsa...

She posted this description of her YouTube Video: "Bizarre happenings on the Grid have zapped half a dozen fighter jets from the steampunk nation of Caledon and brought them to the Second Skies aerodrome on Tomorrow Isle, Extropia. The Dirac Sea was our venue for this World War themed dogfight, and this video hopefully does the awesome Royal Caledon Air Force pilots some justice.

Dedicated to Zoe Connolly, not only for leading the air force but for helping me compile this footage and letting me spectate in the first place.

The ill-fitting music, twenty years ahead of its time, is by Jack Hylton. The tracks are 'Deep Night', 'Little Boy Blues' and 'Blue Skies Are Around The Corner'...."
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