Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zoetrope Dreamscape develops a rash

My alts are just like me (Zoe Connolly) in shape, but I alter then slightly with different skin, hair, and clothing. All are involved in my main activity - Aviation. Some have different groups in their profile, different missions, and even slightly different online personae.

Meet my alt Zoetrope Dreamscape (ZD). ZD can be seen in Caledon, New Babbage, New Toulouse, and Extropia at various times of the week. She's my homage to Bessie Coleman in SL. She's a fearless pilot and explorer....and she's gorgeous!

Well...Today I downloaded the latest Second Life Release Candidate 1.20.11 (90229) and logged-in as Zoetrope D, only to discover that ZD had developed a nasty rash.

Hmmm. I switched to a Caucasian skin. No rash. Very curious. Are there any other Black/African-American avatars suffering the same affliction?

Any theories on this?

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