Friday, October 31, 2008

Air Combat and Celebrations for November 1st and 2nd

Everyone is welcome as we celebrate our Openspace (Void) sims and SL Aviation on Sunday the 2nd of November 2008....

On October 24th the Royal Caledon Air Force celebrated our first anniversary. RCAF was created prior to the Opening of the Caledon Penzance sim and The Connolly Aerodrome on November 4th, 2007.

Please note: November 1st and 2nd is a special weekend. On Saturday we have 2 scheduled dogfights. On Sunday we celebrate the past year and look forward to a happy and fun-filled future (In spite of the recent Openspace Sims Civil War).

The Schedule....

This weekends scheduled EDF and RCAF Air Combat will be Saturday the First of November at 9:00 AM SL time, Combat system TCS, Location: Skies of Tomorrow in Extropia, followed by another dogfight later on Saturday the First at 10 PM SL time, Combat system TCS, Location: Skies of Tomorrow in Extropia.

No official Dogfight on Sunday the 2nd of November, instead....

On Sunday the 2nd of November, instead of our official air combat, we celebrate RCAF, the Connolly Aerodrome, the Opening of Caledon Penzance, and in light of recent news about Openspace sims. We celebrate our Void Sims.

Location: Connolly Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance

If you would like to contribute as a DJ or offer free items for the celebration, please contact me via notecard or email * zoeconnolly [at] gmail [dot] com *

Many thanks to all the pilots and supporters of the RCAF, the aerodrome, and openspace sims.

~ Zoe Connolly
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