Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Openspace Sims and the Future of SL Aviation

Perhaps in the new SL, the only public events allowed will be those that allow sitting at meetings and hopping on danceballs....

In the Royal Caledon Air Force Ning Group, Cornelius Fanshaw writes:

"I'm sure everyone's aware of LL's new pricing policy regarding openspace sims as it's being debated to death everywhere, so I'm not going to go over all that here.
One aspect though that might have a big effect on where we can fly and I've not really seen discussed in relation to aviation is this paragraph:-
"Lastly we will begin to proactively discuss overloaded Openspaces with their owners. This is important because as with abuse of region resources, a heavily overloaded Openspace can adversely affect other Openspaces sharing the same machine which is clearly unfair to residents who are using them responsibly. We have listened to your feedback on this, and agree that we need to make changes to better support our Openspace users by actively working to keep the performance levels as high as possible. We will also provide some detailed guidance about what ‘overuse’ looks like and how to prevent it."

Now does that mean that if we gather in an openspace sim for a dogfight, it will "overload" that sim?

Will our dogfights become something that bring down the wrath of LL on the owners heads?

Openspaces are where we mostly meet, yet we know a lot of aircraft in one sim cause masses of lag. Is this going to effect Naval battles and motor racing or any big event on and openspace sim?

Are openspaces going to become no-go zones for events?"
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