Thursday, October 16, 2008

RCAF Incident Report - Pirate Activity by Congalach MacMoragh

To Marshal Connolly
From: Group Captain Sumie Kawashima

Incident Report on Congalach MacMoragh
Date: 15th of October 2008 SL time, 2:30 PM

I was flight testing a prototype heavy-lift VTOL craft above Caledon Middlesea when I noticed a small airship circling below me. I made a mental note and continued my flight testing. As part of the flight, I wanted to take the craft to Caledon Highlands and get some engineering input from SimplyAmy Iwish.

I noted that this airship was headed on a similar flight path, seeming to shadow my movements. I turned my craft to face it, and was fired upon and then the airship fled across the Firth. The prototype is well armored and sustained only superficial damage. I pursued the craft and called for support. I chased the airship to the Lionsgate runway, where it had landed. I landed my ship and demanded to know why I was attacked. The pilot had dismounted his craft and commenced small-arms fire against my ship. Upon further demands from me as to why I was fired upon, the pilot stated that I had been following him. As I was discussing this matter with him, Wing Commander Cornelius Fanshaw arrived in support. Upon his arrival, the airship pilot boarded his craft and took off. Wing Commander Fanshaw engaged the airship in combat over the Firth, but the enemy craft eluded him at that time.

Thinking the danger had passed, I took my ship back to Middlesea, when I saw the airship pilot was now piloting a small boat across the Firth. I took a Yokokaze to do an overflight and was fired upon as I pursued him through the straits in Morgaine. A lucky shot disabled my plane's engine, requiring that I ditch it in the Firth. I swam to safety and managed to return again to Middlesea.

I next found the boat's pliot running on foot through Morgaine and into Brigadoon. I met up with Wing Commander Fanshaw (now with a jet-pack) along the western coast of Brigadoon. We cornered the enemy in a cave and I asked for his surrender. He promptly transmorgrified into a magpie of some kind before our eyes and flew out of the cave.

Seeing that we were dealing with a paranormal situation, I morphed into my Risen Demon form and attempted a pursuit. Fanshaw and I split up and tried to find the individul we know suspected as a pirate.

Thinking he had fled for good, Fanshaw put out another call that he was coming across the Firth in a small boat again. I sank this with a combination of demon fire and ice. The pilot then swam to a waiting mini-submarine and made a run into a small cavern in Caledon Wellsian. We exchanged rifle fire in the cave, but he escaped over the Firth again (flying).

I spied him running (in human form) in Penzance and pursued him through the commercial district and into the Gaiety Theatre. Gunfire was exchanged and we pursued him out into the streets once more. On several occasions I used some of my demon powers to hold him, but we could never quite capture him. He seemed to have the ability to break my power after several minutes.

Eventually he fled and I could not locate him again. I left the Firth after a brief talk with Elrik Merlin, who was patrolling the Firth by airship. I was later sent a photograph by the pirate that depicted a pirate flag planted on the runway of Lionsgate airfield.


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