Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Avoid the Voids" - The Void Sim Creativity Tax Act of 2008

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The Lindenomics Spin Machine

I opened Google Reader and read Tateru Nino's article on Massively. She highlights Jack Lindens response to the Openspace sims furor.

Jack implies that the type of usage is a more important factor in the pricing changes than the actual cost of usage, though to be fair, it's an ambiguous pair of sentences, 'We are saying that the use has changed, and continues to do so as people find more creative ways to use them. So the revised pricing is about recognising that change of use and the additional costs and value associated with it.'

The Void Sim Creativity Tax Act of 2008 mention of some people abusing the original intent of the Void Sims.

Now LL recognizes your creative use of them...and taxes it.

See? It's all good!

The greatest BDSM Master/Mistress roleplayers in SL are the folks at LL, and we're merely their submissives.
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