Thursday, June 18, 2009

WW2 Sanctuary Combat Roleplay Sims in Danger.... Vickster Kuhn Comments

Vickster Kuhn commented on my post WW2 Sanctuary Combat Roleplay Sims in Danger.... PART 2

"Tough times I guess.

Anyone involved with our SL flying group, the RCAF, will know that we've been struggling to keep our own home base in Caledon going.

The Sanctuary sims are quite unique in SL, and they represent the fruition of many residents' work.

It's a showcase for SL aviation and the development of the the VICE combat system, and the playground of the most active and well known flying groups in Second Life.
A favorite of newbies and veterans alike, Sanctuary has been my home and home to several squadrons to which I belong.

I've been working as an admin there in exchange for a base for my own squadron, JG 132, the Richtofen squadron.

Things in SL happen pretty quickly, and just when you think you can count on something as a given you turn your head and it's gone.

Sanctuary will always be one of my most favorite places. I've been flying for most of my SL career, but Sanctuary is where I got to employ all I've learned from some of the best aviators in SL, including Niki Wilder and MeganAnn Mills, Zoe Connolly, Noel Oh, Cody007 Skytower, Bradyn Halcali and Whitewolf Mumfuzz.

It's heartbreaking to see something like this come to an end, and I'll always wonder what I could have done to help make it work.

It's my hope that there will be something in the future to fill the vacuum that will surely be created by the loss of Sanctuary.

There is still time to play there, and if you're into it you won't regret going. Search for Fallout, Bastogne, or Rangoon, which is the Legends of WW2 sim, and the only one of the three likely to be around next month.

Tell 'em Vickster sent you!"

[Aether Inglewood destroys a V2 Rocket. London is safe!]
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