Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nowhereville's Bridge to Nowhere

I had just lined up my stance, getting ready to throw a bomb into an Axis SS Bunker near a V2 Rocket base. I took a deep breath and....wait....this is definitely poor timing....

My implanted emergency alarm triggered. The alarm was a serious one, indicating an existential threat. I quickly noted my current spacetime coordinates and returned to the TARDIS.

The Emergency was NOT exactly an existential threat, but rather than scold my good friend Crap Mariner, I kept silent and went to his aid. After all, the robot DID pull me from a burning airplane a few years back. I suppose I owed him a few favours.

Arriving at the Nowhereville Bridge to Edloe, a chill went down my spine. Edloe was indeed missing! I turned to look at Mariner, who shrugged and tried to suppress tears and a quivering lip.

I turned back to the large body of water where once was Edloe. I wondered if this could be the diabolical work of my cousin, Dr. Zoetrope Dreamscape. I immediately went to work.

Luckily I was carrying my Crossbow outfitted with a spacetime computer and patented Red Rider compass in the stock.

After a few minutes of analysis it was clearly an anomaly, but a natural one in our peculiar universe. It was NOT a man-made disaster. I sighed in relief.

The land mass of Edloe was "thrown" into a future time where it basically "sits" in place. At some point in the near future, our timeline will catch up to "when" Edloe exists and spacetime will continue normally. I explained my findings to Mr. Mariner.

Unfortunately the poor android/gynoid was too confused to comprehend advanced science and jabbered on about some sortof "virtualized hosting" and "datacenter" non-sense. Poor fellow!

It was clear Mariner needed a distraction.

I stood up and gave the gender-confused robot the business card of a friend of mine.

"What's this?" Mariner asked.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and replied, "I've not seen so much emotion from an automaton before. That's the casting director for All My Circuits."

I wished him luck and returned to the TARDIS.

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((well it could've happened that way))
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