Monday, June 29, 2009

Tinkeratrix :: Ilsa Munro

One of my favourite people in Second Life now has a blog....

May I introduce my Tinkeratrix friend Ilsa Munro. She's a duchess, she builds, and does so with style, humour, and in spite of what she'll tell you, great aplomb as well.

From Ilsa's first blog post....

"I've been repeatedly informed that having a blog is a necessary step on the whole "getting the word out there" part of running a SL (tm) business so here I am catching the tail end of this particular trend. My problem is that I'm truly awful at self-promotion. It took forever for me to work up the nerve to post in the various forums in which I occasionally participate.

Two things have prompted me into action - or a reduced level of inaction. First, a friend basically told me to "shut up and do something about it" and since this is free it's the obvious choice :)

Second I can comfort my sense of modesty with the almost certain knowledge that almost no one will read this and as such it hardly makes a difference how self-aggrandizing it seems to me as I write it.

That of course leaves me with the question of exactly what to write.

A few of you might know that I build aircraft, so naturally I've decided that I'll - ahem - blog about fashion.

What's that you say? SL Fashion is already covered at great and extensive length by everyone and thier cross eyed cat?

Oh... Well then aircraft it is I suppose."
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