Friday, June 12, 2009

Assignment Earth 1944

Our new assignment was long overdue. Although with so many members of the team recovering from our last mission, perhaps it was just right..

One of our best agents, Avery Robbiani, was still on medical leave and may not make this one. But that's why all of us train for any contingency. We need to step in when a team member falls.

For the time being I set aside thoughts of my crew and entered the planetary database room. From here I could select any known planet's historical database and identify problems in the timeline.

Now that I had my clue from the President of New Gallifrey, I selected Earth and determined the source of her concern.

July 1944...

The nation-state known as Nazi Germany. Trouble with a Capital T!

A renegade Time Lord was planning to interfere with Earth's history. Their intention is to give advanced weaponry to the National Socialist regime in Germany. Hitler would have V2 Rockets with Atomic Bombs!

Earth's timeline would be altered forever, giving a madman complete rule over the planet by a madwoman from another time and place.

It was now my assignment to gather my team, plan and execute our mission.

1) Remove or destroy all non-historical record artifacts from the spacetime disrupted area.

2) Remove or destroy the renegade Time Lord from Earth.

I returned to the Time Tunnel and made some notes....

....but what was most disturbing about the clue from the President, was the name of our TimeLord-of-Interest.
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