Monday, July 19, 2010

The Abduction

Cinnamon looked at Zoetrope a few moments and said "May I assume you have good reason for your introduction?"

Zoetrope replied through a laugh "You're quite blunt for a Victorian era woman."

Cinnamon blushed... then blinked at her. "A Victorian era woman?"

Zoetrope decided to get to the point. "You've been under surveillance for quite some time, Dr. Somerset."

Cinnamon was in shock but tried not to show it. Her eyes darted from one side of the market square to the other. Zoetrope noticed.

"I assure you, Cinnamon...we're quite alone."

Cinn didn't like that sentence or the way she said it.

"None of us have the luxury of having all the time in the world. At least not yet. So allow me to give you the courtesy of directness."

Cinn thought about how she could politely excuse herself from this strange conversation and run home.

"I know what happened to your Husband,' Zoetrope said.

Cinnamon's heart seemed to pound so hard she thought it would burst.

She managed to stutter "Wha... you... you know about John?" Her mouth went dry and suddenly found it difficult to swallow.

Zoetrope nodded slowly "...and I know a way to help him... and help you find him."

Zoetrope then touched a small contraption on her left forearm. Cinn heard a voice emanating from the device that asked "yes, Doctor?"

Zoetrope spoke one word into the device "Now" and within seconds she faded from sight.

Cinnamon turned on her heels looking frantically about the Market Square. No one could run that fast and no one else was visible. The last person she saw disappear like that was her husband John.

Seconds later she began to feel strange, as though falling from a running horse... but never actually hitting the ground. She felt nausea come over her. She tried to reach out and grab the cart in front of her for support, but couldn't move. Cinn cried out for help, then for her beloved John. The world seemed to dissolve around her... then a swirling tunnel vision... and finally... blackness.

Readers may visit the Time Tunnel by teleporting (or timeporting) to the following SLurl You'll land at my Steampunk home in Caledon Mayfair. Then take the elevator to the Time Tunnel level.
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