Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Re-Education of Cinnamon Somerset

Zoetrope Dreamscape and Cinnamon Somerset walked to Cinnamon's station. Zoetrope smiled at Cinn and said "I'm so very proud of you!"

Cinn beamed. She was proud of herself as well. She had learned how to use these computers in less than a month. It was an amazing accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone from 1885.

"Thank you, Zoetrope" Cinn immersed herself in the technology and was able to run the Time Raiders Time Tunnel herself. She was after all, on a mission to find her husband Professor John Barrington Somerset. Cinn intended to use these machines to find and retrieve him.

"Now you'll have all the tools you need to develop your time travel theories, Doctor Somerset."

"Yes, this is absolutely wonderful!" Cinnamon said.

There was one thing Cinnamon was curious about..."Dr. Dreamscape... who is that blonde woman you captured?"

Zoetrope frowned, "That would be Ava Zenovka."

Cinn nodded and said, "I've seen her in New Babbage... it was a few days before you and I met. Is she dangerous?" Cinn looked at Zoetrope and waited.

Zoetrope sighed deeply and looked at Cinn, "VERY dangerous...stay clear of her, Cinnamon."

Cinn paused, then looked down at her control panel "Yes Doctor."

There was an awkward pause, then Cinn decided to ask Zoetrope her routine daily question "When may I look for my husband, Doctor."

Zoetrope looked away and rolled her eyes. She was so very tired of this. Damn her persistence, she thought. She looked down, then at Cinn and decided to lie this time, "I suppose I can reveal this to you now..."

Cinn's chest pounded.

"Ava is the key to finding your husband" Dreamscape lied. She told Cinn to stay away from Ava and that she was VERY dangerous. She gambled that Cinn would stay away from a menacing TF10 agent and do as she was told.

Cinn's eyes widened.

"Just stay away from her, Cinn. Leave her to me."

Cinn looked back at her computer console. "This...TimeForce say they are evil?" she asked Zoetrope tentatively.

"'re ill-equipped to deal with these people."

Cinn opened her mouth, about to respond, but thought better of it. "Yes, Doctor" she replied obediently.

Satisfied that her lies worked, Zoetrope walked across the room to another computer console.

Cinnamon turned her head for a quick glance at Zoetrope. She was on the other side of the room. Cinn thought a moment and used the computer to find Ava Zenovka's prison cell.

If this Zenovka woman knew where her husband was, she HAD to know.

Readers may visit the Time Tunnel by teleporting (or timeporting) to the following SLurl You'll land at my Steampunk home in Caledon Mayfair. Then take the elevator to the Time Tunnel level.
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