Saturday, July 3, 2010

TimeForce 10 Headquarters - The Time Tunnel

Zoe Connolly stepped into the room and could feel the familiar vibrations of the Time Tunnel. Nearly limitless power flowed through the entire facility. For Zoe, the feeling of finally returning home was exhilarating.

Her brother Phin greeted her at the door. His first question reminded her there was work to be done. She would celebrate her homecoming later.

Phin: "Ava is ready for time-port. Shall I confirm?"

Zoe: "Did she have anything to report before her last letter?"

Since radio transmissions between points in time were not possible, communications were actual physical objects that could be teleported in space-time. TimeForce 10 crews had long ago shortened the phrase to time-ported, instead of the cumbersome "teleport in space-time".

Cards and letters were messages time-ported between agents. Packages were time-ported objects like artifacts, supplies, or weapons. To the untrained ear, this type of jargon made TF10 chatter seem much less interesting. Which is exactly what Zoe and Phin wanted.

Phin: "It was a routine letter, Z. She's just ready for her next mission. I think she needs a change."

Phin smiled. Zoe could read it later, but Ava was itching for more action and a new mission.

Zoe: "I've got as much work as she can handle."

Phin set dials and punched buttons to begin the startup procedure and countdown for timeport. Phin smiled at Zoe and said "She MUST want something new very badly. You know how she gets nauseous after timeport"

Ava was a proud Russian woman and hated to admit to such weaknesses.

Zoe laughed and turned to Phin "Shall I get a bucket and mop just in case?"

Phin smirked "Let's bring her back and see what happens"

The hum of the Time Tunnel grew louder and higher. Another 60 seconds and the Tunnel would be ready.

Readers may visit the Time Tunnel by teleporting (or timeporting) to the following SLurl You'll land at my Steampunk home in Caledon Mayfair. Then take the elevator to the Time Tunnel level.
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