Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Looking for Mr. Good Cylon

I was on long distance patrol, looking for the next possible place where Galactica and the Colonial Fleet could jump-to in case of a Cylon attack. Unfortunate for the Cylon Raiders I found.

Heh! They started at my "six" but not for long...

I took out three before my Vipor frakked-up from all the frakking Toaster hits.

I managed a less-than-stellar crash-landing in Babbage Canals. The locals seem peaceful enough and quite enterprising. I may be able to swing a deal with a few residents for badly-needed Galactica supplies.

Here's the frakked-up part. I'm sure I saw one of the Raiders I caused to go "tits-up" crash around here somewhere. As soon as I mop-up I'm getting a tall drink.
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