Thursday, September 20, 2007

A few changes for me in Caledon....

You might say this was my "I'm not leaving Caledon" post....

My lighthouse will be redesigned and I'm very excited about the new concept. I'm hoping to have the new build ready by the end of October 2007. Thanks very much to my architect and GF Tiana Meriman for putting up with all my changes and requests.

I missed my opportunity for suitable parcels in the upcoming Caledon Wellesian sim....however, Caledon Guvnah Desmond Shang is aware of my plan for the first Caledon Airfield and really likes the idea. We're going to try to incorporate a suitable parcel in the next sim or the one after. More news as it becomes available. And I promised Guvnah Shang I would not reveal any maps until they appeared at his mansion first, so I'm afraid I have no snapshots for your perusal.

The Connolly Airpark will allow launches and landings of various balloons, airships, and flying machines. It will be a venue for the aviator/aviatrix set.

Duchess Zoe Connolly? It could happen....I've asked the Guvnah to add my name to the Duchy list.
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