Friday, November 9, 2007

Connolly Aerodrome and Royal Caledon Air Force News

News of Promotions and assorted RCAF decisions...


Drake Moyer to rank of Wing Commander in recognition of his flights and recruiting efforts.

Phineas Messmer to rank of Wing Commander in recognition of his flights and efforts in rocketry.

Sin Trenton to rank of Air Vice Marshall in recognition of his flights, innovations, and exemplary leadership.

The RCAF will be using callsigns to aid communication over the wireless...

Here are the Callsigns amongst the group so far...

Air Marshal Zoe Connolly....."Foxy"
Air Vice Marshal Sin Trenton...."Biggles"
Wing Commander Drake Moyer...."Ginger"
Flying Officer Noddeh Slade...."Creaky"
Sin Trenton has developed a floating text device for the RCAF that will display our callsigns while flying and otherwise socializing at the Connolly Aerodrome.

Also, per the Air Vice Marshal's excellent suggestion, and approved by me several days ago, our unofficial RCAF group name will be "Connolly's Crazies" or "The Connolly Crazies."

Uniforms will be ordered as soon as I find a suitable designer with the time to work on the project.

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