Monday, November 19, 2007

Connolly Airfield and Royal Caledon Air Force News

News of Promotions and assorted RCAF decisions...


Sin Trenton to rank of Air Chief Marshal (ACM) in recognition of his flights, innovations, and exemplary leadership.

Phineas Messmer to rank of Air Chief Marshal (ACM) in recognition of his flights, efforts in rocketry, and his upcoming Aether-Space Facility in Caledon Morgaine. I'm told this will be just west of the airfield in Penzance. ACM/Professor Messmer has started a group called the Caledon Aethernautical Society. The Group Charter reads as follows....A special agency of The Royal Caledon Air Force for the purpose of exploring the vast Aether for Caledon. Our Mission: To finish first in the race between Antiquity and New Babbage in the landing of adventurous Victorian ladies and gentleman upon the surface of The Moon.

Drake Moyer to rank of Group Captain (GC) in recognition of his flights and recruiting efforts.

Pamus Bing to rank of Flight LT (FLT) for her flights and devotion to aviation history.

Crap Mariner to rank of Flight LT (FLT) for his flights and continued promotion on his various media outlets.

The RCAF is using callsigns to aid communication over the wireless...

Here are the Callsigns amongst the group so far...

Air Marshal Zoe Connolly....."Foxy"
Air Chief Marshal Sin Trenton...."Biggles"
Group Captain Drake Moyer...."Ginger"
Flight LT Noddeh Slade...."Creaky"
Flight LT Pamus Bing...."Soapy"

Sin Trenton has developed a floating text device for the RCAF that will display our callsigns while flying and otherwise socializing at the Connolly Airfield. Let me know your chosen Callsign as soon as possible, because if you don't create one, believe me - we'll make one up for you.

Uniforms are now under development from Miss Emilie Watkins - a designer with a great interest in the portrayal of authentic World War One era pilot uniforms. She has contacted me and I have full confidence in her devotion to the project. All we need do is give her the time to do it right.

General Airfield News....SkyPirates of Penzance (SkyPoP) is a group for civilian aviation enthusiasts of Caledon as well as fellow flyers in all Victorian Steampunk nations. Our base of operations is The Connolly Airfield in Caledon Penzance. SkyPirates of Penzance (SkyPoP) is not necessarily a pirates group, but is most definitely a group for flying, socializing, and fun!
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