Sunday, November 18, 2007

Expansion of Connolly Empire - (because I love lists)

3 parcels in Caledon, 2 in Steelhead Harborside.

The 2 parcels in Harborside:
I'm considering these adjacent parcels as a possible site for The Connolly Telegraph. Once I see the plots I'll determine their best use.

Connolly Lighthouse in Caledon Regency:
Lately I've been using this as a workshop. I'm considering a living quarters on the second floor. My plans are on hold until the use of Steelhead Harborside plots can be determined...

Connolly Airfield/Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance:
My pride and joy! This is a real labor of love! I'm delighted to see the same faces using it again and again. It would seem the same people who enjoy sailing also like to fly.

Connolly Park in Caledon Mayfair:
The site of my second lighthouse, previously seen at my former land in Antiquity Cove. My park is at the NW corner of Mayfair, adjacent to my Airfield in Penzance. This will be designed as an outdoor venue and in my mind, a virtual tribute to my parents and their favorite interests (Father=Gardens, Mother=Music).

...and finally...unless a Duchy in Caledon becomes available...this is all I can handle....whew!
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