Sunday, August 24, 2008

Virtual Aviation Week in Review August 17 - 23

Second Life Aviation is growing rapidly....

I've gathered a few links to aviation related blog posts, videos, and photographs from the past week August 17 - 23, 2008. This is a new blog post series, so some links may fall outside my stated calendar week.

Scheduled EDF and RCAF Air Combat on Saturday 23 August at 9:00 AM SL time, with another dogfight on Sun 24 August at 9 AM SL time.

Josh Noonan released his SL version of the Sukhoi SU-26 and SU-29 on August 22nd.

Annabelle Fanshaw's experience at Balsa Airport and Aviation Community in Aveousa.

My video of Josh Noonan's Lockheed Electra 10E

In-cockpit video of the EDF-RCAF Air Combat on August 16th.

For vehicle builders there's "How to Texture in SL Like a Pro: Part 1"

From Hamlet Au's New World Notes blog: *Galactica* Roleplaying In Second Life With Physics-Enabled Dogfights And Planetary Combat.

Extropia Defense Force flickr group

Royal Caledon Air Force flickr group

SL Aviation photograph of the week from Eladrienne Laval.

If you have SL aviation links for next weeks Virtual Aviation Week in Review, please let me know via email [zoeconnolly (at) gmail (dot) com. Clear skies all!
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