Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Aviation Sims in Second Life®

The virtual aviation community is a little happier today....

If you're familiar with Bancos Milestone's aircraft, you've probably visited BALSA at http://slurl.com/secondlife/BALSA%20INC%20AVEOUSA/177/160/29

For a long time it was one sim and and not the greatest location for long term flying.

That's all changed! BALSA INC AVEOUSA has partnered with developer Cindy Bolero. The area is now 7 sims worth of aviation-friendly heaven including BALSA INC AVEOUSA, Kittyhawk, Road Trip, Dangerous Curves, Hang Ten, Miranda Meadows, and Horses. I flew over the area last night and it *was* a little rough and laggy in spots. But I'm sure this will change as all the bugs are worked out.

Also....the plan is to expand in phases. This being phase one.

I'm a happy aviatrix today ;)
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