Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dogfight Furball

"...In 1983, a U.S. Air Force English dictionary defined fur ball as "a confused dogfight full of swarming airplanes." The expression combines the fighting-animal image of flying fur with the eventful, sometimes charitable, occasionally frenetic, nature of a ball..."

- William Safire of the New York Times

With Z on vacation (with Michael Moore and Madonna) and the weekend looming with 14 hours of RL telecommuting work from home I decided to setup a Saturday Air Battle for pilots from the Extropia Defense Force and the Royal Caledon Air Force.

And since I couldn't put much thought into it I took the lazy man's way out and just said, "Yeah yeah fly whatever you want and shoot everyone." No teams or themes. Ugh, I really need to get going and organize that EDF/RCAF Air Combat Tournament.

I have a few more photos I'll post as soon as possible.

Below is a snapshot of your intrepid pipe-smoking reporter, faithfully taking photographs of the battle swarm from a safe distance.

-- Phineas Messmer, ACM RCAF, Commander EDF, and lousy photographer
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