Monday, August 11, 2008

EDF/RCAF Dogfight photographs from Saturday 09 August

Phin here, filling-in for Zoe who was away most of the weekend. I organized the EDF/RCAF Dogfight on Saturday and took a few photos. These 5 pics are representative of the day.

Note the WW2 Aircraft in flames

Now take a look at Cornelius Fanshaw's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flying car

He was shotdown the least within our group of dogfighters

I managed to stay in the air longer than usual, concentrating on defensive maneuvers rather than attacks, when Cornelius flying his "Fine Four-Fendered Friend" took several shots at me and down I went, almost landing on Vidal Tripsa. Conveniently, I was 2 meters from the Tiki-Bar and decided to stay.

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