Friday, December 14, 2007

Combining Snapshots with my Twitterings

I'm trying something new today. I'm combining my Tweets on Twitter with snapshots from my wanderings...

Investigating UFO sighting over Mayfair :from Caledon Mayfair [185,122,96] in SL.

UFOs Identified....One WhirlyMachine called a helicopter (a Friendly), and one green Dragon (not so friendly)

Checking the Cape Messmer moonscape skybox by Eladrienne Laval :from Caledon Morgaine [253,50,526] in SL

Many new AO HUDs. Yay! :from Kedai [15,211,23] in SL

This worked out very well for me. I was able to piece together my time in SL in a more chronological way than I've done before - using Twitter as a guide for arranging my photographs. The text is already written with just a little editing. Great method of blogging for those of us with very little time. I Twittered inworld using Kos Farina's TwitterHUD, a free extra gadget when you buy his TwitterSCREEN.
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