Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday's SL Bloggers Party and a visit to Podcaster Island

(From Twitter)....visiting Podcaster Island...Of course the big red building is Codie's! Hah! :from Podcaster Island [43,207,23] in SL

Unfortunately the weather (LAG) was not cooperative during my Second Life Bloggers / Royal Caledon Air Force / Christmas 1944 themed Big Band Party. But I shall feature a few of what others posted on The Connolly Telegraph. Special thanks to dinee Ghia and CodeBastard Redgrave for the lovely gifts they gave me, as well as to Radio Riel who provided the music for the occasion and Her Grace Gabrielle Riel (DJ) and Lady Whoop-Ass/Flight LT Diamanda "Cuckoo" Gustafson (Host) for helping me during the evening. It was great fun, indeed!

I have no plans at the moment for the next Second Life Bloggers Party. I'll be taking a break from all that in January. The earliest plans for the next one would be February and I will of course, keep you posted here, Pownce, Twitter, the SLBloggers Google Group, etc, etc.....

Today I made a brief lag-filled visit to Podcaster Island. I didn't get to see very much of it. I'll have to return and explore another time.
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