Thursday, December 20, 2007

All I want for Christmas are my 2 new Jetpacks!

Photographs show me at skybox altitude with the Terra Infinity jetpack and festive red Christmas dress...

I recently read a post from Phineas Messmer and a comment from Diamanda Gustafson, two trusted members of the Royal Caledon Air Force. The post touched on one of my favorite subjects. Jetpacks!

After a briefing at RCAF Penzance Airfield with AirChief Marshal Sin Trenton, I was off to make a shopping spree at Abbott's Aerodrome where I purchased 2 smashing new Jetpacks for my inventory. The Infinity and the Rocketeer. As outlined in Professor Messmer's Post Comments, I was able to achieve a rapid sim cross with the Infinity Jetpack, flying from the Babbage Canals Hub to Dr Rafael Fabre's Quarterdeck in Port Babbage in just a few seconds.

On my return to Penzance, I tested the Infinity Jetpack again, this time flying straight up, beyond 10,000 meters! ACM Trenton contacted me by wireless to report I seemed to be offworld by all his measuring devices. My jetpack and Flight Feather indicated the same altitude...12,017 meters. I then began my descent to the ground and for 6000 meters, I turned off the Jetpack and went into freefall. I Re-started the jetpack once again when the altimeter read below 2000 meters. A most exhilarating morning indeed!

I am now convinced of the value of these devices and will begin the formation of a rapid-deployment Jetpack Squadron for the RCAF.
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