Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SL Air Races

(This post is not about the Royal Caledon Air Force, or Victorian Steampunk. It's about personal achievement in Second Life.)

Since my first day in SL I've wanted to enter a variety of races or other contests, but due to the severe limitations of my notebook computer, I soon gave up trying to compete.

All of that changed last month with my new Dell Inspiron 530 and I've become a Dual Core Evangelist ever since. My photographs have improved, I can at last produce machinima, and now...finally...I can reach a level of confidence to compete in races...Air Races!

So dear friends....

At times you may see me practice using futuristic aircraft well beyond the World War One era. I'll take-off and land at my aerodrome in Penzance and fly the Firth of Caledon. Please know that I will try to keep my flight hours limited to the wee hours when few are awake and active in Caledon.

Here is my new Wilder Diablo from Wilder Skies. It's quite a sleek little flying machine and very very fast, indeed!

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