Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Right Stuff at Connolly Airfield

Another Flight Test of the RCAF Aphid Class Gunboat HGS The Insatiable from Connolly Airfield in Caledon Penzance.

Part of my vision for the Airfield in Penzance was for the parcel to be an attraction for Second Life residents to enjoy flying - while at the same time be introduced to the world of Victorian Steampunk on the Grid. Caledon can be an intimidating place for newcomers, as it once was for me last Winter-Spring 2007.

Another part of my vision was for Connolly Airfield to be Caledon's equivalent to Edwards Air Force Base, becoming a flight test center for Flight Builders and Flight Scripters in SL. Many times I am approached by inventors and asked if RCAF can test certain designs. It's a place that encourages innovation, creativity, and experimentation.

I think we've been successful on both fronts.

"As to just what this ineffable quality was. . .well, it obviously involved bravery. But it was not bravery in the simple sense of being willing to risk your life... any fool could do that... No, the idea... seemed to be that a man should have the ability to go up in a hurtling piece of machinery and put his hide on the line and then have the moxie, the reflexes, the experience, the coolness, to pull back in the last yawning moment – and then to go up again the next day, and the next day, and every next day... There was ... a seemingly infinite series of tests. ... a dizzy progression of steps and ledges, a ziggurat, a pyramid extraordinarily high and steep; and the idea was to prove at every foot of the way up that pyramid that you were one of the elected and anointed ones who had the right stuff and could move higher and higher and even – ultimately, God willing, one day – that you might be able to join that special few at the very top, that elite who had the capacity to bring tears to men's eyes, the very Brotherhood of the Right Stuff itself."[7]
Tom Wolfe, The Right Stuff

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