Sunday, February 17, 2008

Second Life Bloggers Party :: A note from GoSpeed Racer

Second Life Bloggers Party :: A note from GoSpeed Racer...

The Itinerary for the Sunday 24 February Second Life Bloggers meet is fairly basic.

The meeting/party will run from 1pm to 4pm SLT in the Sailors Cove estate, specifically the Tradewinds clubhouse and the open area nearby.􀀀

The main hostess will be GoSpeed Racer and Ravishal Bentham will be the DJ for the event. In addition to music and dancing there will be a few parlor games like Greedy Greedy, Darts and Pool. There is also a hang glider platform too. The last hour of the meeting we will have a grand sail and anyone with any sort of boat is encouraged to rez them and sail all 15 sims in the estate. If you have no boats then there are more than enough seats to go around.

Sailors Cove estate is a family oriented sim so keep the clothing and language modest. No weapons either! Areas out side the commercial district and water ways are private residences, please do not intrude.

Please contact me or Ravishal Bentham if you have queries or ideas for the party you would like to share.

GoSpeed Racer
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