Saturday, February 9, 2008

"It's sad to lose a friend..."

It's sad to lose a friend over something like a dispute over sim-theme.

So sad in fact that I refuse to do it. I refuse to lose a friend in this manner.

Therefore let me say this now and forever: Hotspur Otoole is my friend and will remain such. We will agree to disagree on a few matters and be done with it. We can play in different sandboxes if we want and on occasion (It is my hope) we can sometimes engage in huge fun-filled battles together. But by all means let's all have fun, play, dance, lift a mug, and shout our Hooo's! There is no time for divisions to fester in our community.

In a comment on his blog I wrote: "I say we 'Bury The Hatchet' have a drink at Dia's Loft in Harborside and move on with our lives."

Let us all drink a toast to ourselves and Caledon!

Long Live Middlesea Fleet! Long Live Royal Caledon Air Force! Long Live Guvnah Shang!....And Long Live Caledon!
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