Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Internet Access Down :: Zoe is forced into living RL

I had everything ready at 9:30 AM local time. I was all set to have a great day of blogging, emails, and twittering several hours before work. I even planned to go inworld for an hour.

Then disaster struck as my access went down. A few minutes later I realized my cable TV was offline too. Did I pay the bill. I suddenly had doubts. I called Comcast and - yes I paid, but my neighborhood was offline for maintenance....for 8 frakking hours!

But wait, there's this thingie called Real Life, I watched a taped TV show from last night and guess what? For the first time since January I paid attention to what I was watching. I put on my hearing aid and listened to my iPod. My cat wanted to play and I actually paid attention to him. I got ready for work early, and drove to Barnes & Noble where I had an Iced Coffee, wandered about and browsed the books and magazines, interacting with RL people throughout the store!

There were non-avatars everywhere! All milling about without any knowledge of SL whatsoever. Have you ever caught yourself standing and moving like your avatar's AO? Yes I've done that before and I did it again today at the bookstore. At least I didn't walk into walls. The sim seemed to be working very well. *grins*
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