Friday, August 10, 2007

My sweetheart , Tiana Meriman... to my rescue

I had previously made the embarrassing error of "taking" an entire section of my lighthouse whilst attempting to remove an invisible prim from my land. Ack! I never did get the alignment correct after that. I called on my sweet lady and architect/builder Tiana Meriman, who promptly fixed that issue as well as a window problem. Here we flirt in IM following repairs.

With Tiana in mind, I purchased a new item for The Connolly Lighthouse Cafe area. I bought a new romantic dinner table and chair set and can't wait to try it with her. It will also be available for my fellow Regency residents as well as the rest of Caledon to enjoy with your own sweetheart. I'll be mixing and matching items, so please let me know what items you favour and I shall concentrate on what is most enjoyed by my fellow citizens.

I'm also looking for nautical themed photographs and paintings to use in the lighthouse, If you know of a place that sells such items, please let me know.
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