Monday, August 20, 2007

Girls with Guns :: The Steampunk Version Part 2

I have lived in the Victorian Steampunk world for some time now. First in New Babbage, and most recently in Antiquity and Caledon. I've grown a deep affection for my homelands and the citizenry.

So it was with deep sadness I read of the recent trouble Caledon was experiencing with Vulgaria.

Vulgaria...the very name tastes sour as I say it aloud in my study.

Previously, I had been in contact with Eladrienne Laval on the subject of creating a League of like-minded Victorian Ladies who would be ready at a moments notice to protect our lands using various covert surveillance and actions.

After hearing the news out of Loch Avie, I went forward with founding this unique group ahead of projected timetables and as yet I am short staffed. I shall require several undaunted ladies who do not shy from the use of weapons or in service to Caledon, Antiquity, and New Babbage.

I present....The Steampunk Ladies Spy League (SLSL) in service to the Victorian Steampunk regions. As Spy Mistress of this organization I offer the services of The SLSL to Caledon in this hour of need.

Ladies....I implore you....there can be no substitute for a Caledon victory over Vulgaria.

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