Monday, January 19, 2015

NEW SL Group for Aviation Roleplayers


At SKYWAY, we take your antiquities, treasures, and mysterious glowing objects VERY seriously. Rest assured (client name/future plaintiff), when we make any precarious package pickup, fast frantic flight, and daringly dangerous delivery, we make every effort to keep collateral damage to a bare minimum. Honest!

Our motto: "It's done, mistakes were made, cash only"

Available Roles

SKYWAY PILOT: You're the owner operator of an airplane, seaplane, or helicopter. You might be an Intrepid heroic Bush Pilot or an Unscrupulous Jaded Profiteer.

TROUBLED CLIENT: You're not sure you should step into that plane. The pilot seems a little crazy and hits the sauce a little too much, but you narrowly escaped those two brutish but well-dressed men and you need to get to your Uncle Leon's remote cabin and lay low for a while. Not to mention this mysterious glowing object is getting a little too warm.

CLIENT CHASING VILLAINS, OBJECT CHASING VILLAINS: Thugs and mad-scientists are welcome in this role category.

THE SUSPICIOUS AGENT or LAW OFFICER: You've been on the trail of the mysterious glowing object for months now. If you can recover it soon, you'll really make a name for yourself at (anytown police dept / teh soopah seekrit service)

Play it for comedy, play it serious.

I'm looking for fellow role-players and someone to create a group logo and various MacGuffins.

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