Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DOR - WW2 Era Dogfight - The Battle of Pengo Bayou (part 1)

Oh wait... you've never heard of the Battle of Pengo Bayou? Don't bother Googling it, it's a fictional SL-thing.

Stay tuned to this blog for The Battle of Pengo Bayou (part 2) coming soon! Yes I am milking these pics into as many posts as possible.

And now the commercial...

Enjoy the fun and excitement of challenging dogfights.

Bond with SL dogfighters and other aviation enthusiasts at DOGS ON THE RUN (DOR). From rookie to experienced pilot. Everyone is welcome!

Noobie asks "But Zoe, I've never flown an airplane in SL before. What, where, how, etc...?"  No problem, my noob friend. They even have a flight training school for rookie pilots.

Donations are always welcome - and please use the vendors in the sim to help support this excellent SL Aviation venue.

Join the DOR Group for information on upcoming events.


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