Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SL Group: A Message to RCAF and Future Plans

Group Notice From: (RCAF) Royal Caledon Air Force, Zoe Connolly

I want to thank everyone who attended last Saturdays great event. We had loads of positive feedback and the folks at Dogs On The Run were delighted. Trinka Adored and DA Admiral from DOR were very happy with the turnout and so was I! -- a total of 16 people showed up from across the SL aviation community!

Cornelius Fanshaw and I are already busy with plans for the near future. Combat and commercial SL Aviation is thriving. In addition to Blake Sea, there are new sims available for flying and sailing - and great builders are releasing aircraft at a regular rate.

For those of us who want more out of Second Life than just fashion and sex, the adventures await!

(Pictured Below) Cornelius and I chat about our new RCAF WW2 Group called 401 Squadron RCAF. We fly WW2 adventures as Royal Canadian Air Force, instead of the steampunk Victorian version Royal Caledon Air Force. We were joined by authentic Canadian Barry Foehammer.

New SL Aviation Group: 401 Squadron RCAF

Description: Originally No.1 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, the squadron arrived in Britain in 1940 where it took part in the Battle of Britain, flying Hawker Hurricanes.

In 1941 was renamed No. 401 Squadron and reequipped with Spitfires which it continued to use throughout the rest of the war.

It was one of the first squadrons to operate from French soil after D-Day and also the first Commonwealth squadron to shoot down an Me262. It was credited with shooting down 186 1/2 enemy aircraft during WWII.

As you can see from the pics below, we'll also have an air vs sea element too.

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