Saturday, January 3, 2015

RCAF, 2007 to 2015, RIP

To the RCAF Group...

In October 2007, the Royal Caledon Air Force began as a flying and roleplay group to help support the Connolly Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance.

We had an awesome and spectacular first two and a half years.

But as with many things in Second Life, things change. Our happy times ended and our luck ran out.

Over the months and years, SL has changed, sims have changed or disappeared, and people have changed their tastes and preferences. Many former RCAF Flyers have gone on to WW2 Combat sims or General Aviation.

Caledon has certainly changed with the tastes and time constraints of her residents. Caledon Penzance is now Caledon Pensans - and sadly, not as interesting. I even sold my last Caledon parcel (in Mayfair) last June. Although I still have a soft spot for New Babbage, Caledon and the other Steamlands don't hold the same interest for me as they once did.

The Connolly Aerodrome lasted far too many years beyond her early exciting and active days. The sim changed a while back and the new Aerodrome owner after me could no longer sustain it. The Connolly Aerodrome is now a memory. I was looking at old photographs just today.

The RCAF has outlasted both the Aerodrome and the Sim where it was first created, but it's a group that's been on life-support for many many months now. Many of us have tried to revive it here and there without success. I was hopeful for it's return to her former fun and glory, but it's time to say goodbye and farewell to our dear old friend, RCAF.

I will close the group next weekend.

1 - Caledon activities are different now. Unlike previous years, there's very little resident interest in aviation.
2 - Caledon itself is no longer a safe fly zone. Prim-full parcels make flying very difficult.
3 - Most of the aviation fun is outside of Steampunk-ish areas. General Aviation, WW1 and 2 combat, Modern warfare. It's a Big Grid and it seems many are flocking to Blake Sea and other destinations.
4 - For some, SL doesn't run well enough on their current computers for a fun flying experience.
5 - Plus, it's good to free up a Group Slot for something else of greater value.

Many of us are still involved in SL Aviation here and there and a few of us can be found flying over Blake Sea.

Some fly/roleplay in WW2 sims, Dogs On the Run (DOR), and various other aviation-friendly spots.

I don't like doing this. It's a difficult decision and did not come easy. We've all said goodbye to favorite places, groups, and friends in SL before. Like Real Life, LOSS is real here too. Even for "mostly-immersionist" SL people like me.

I owe many thanks to those who helped make RCAF and Connolly Aerodrome a fun, exciting, and adventurous group and destination. 

One day perhaps, we'll have ourselves an RCAF Museum.

Until then, always say hello, continue your "altitude with attitude" - Talk like a pirate pilot, fly, drink, dance, and as always - clear skies my friends!

~ Zoe Connolly
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