Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SL Group: Skyway Couriers, items needed for roleplay

Group Notice From: SKYWAY COURIERS, Zoe Connolly

Coming soon. A little roleplay where I will play the part of the passenger with the mysterious item.

What we'll need for the next and future RPs is a McGuffin. An item that drives our plot. All items should be transferable so we can pass it to each other.

List of items needed for roleplay:

  1. Briefcase
  2. Briefcase full of money
  3. Briefcase with top secret files
  4. Faberge Egg to grasp in a hand or display on a table
  5. Trunk or box
  6. Trunk or box with money
  7. Trunk or box with glowing object.
  8. Glowing object to grasp in a hand or display on a table.
  9. Or your own idea

We could also use a really awesome logo we can use inworld for our planes, etc and also serve as the SL Group logo.


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