Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jeogeot Gulf

As land and rental prices rise in the Blake Sea area, news about Jeogeot Gulf is slowly filtering out from SL aviation and naval combat groups.

For budget conscious residents, Jeogeot Gulf is a lower cost alternative to Blake Sea - located in the Jeogeot continent - Jeogeot Gulf is a large Linden Land rez enabled combat area specifically for WW2 and modern naval and aviation battles.

There is no official combat system, and pirates and sailing ships are welcome.

Personally, I find it a bit messier than Blake Sea. Skyboxes hover low in the sky. Billboard style advertisements can be seen hither and yon.

Blake Sea looks better and it's where you'd want to live, while battle action takes place in Jeogeot Gulf. Residents and managers of Blake Sea can get irritated when it comes to large scale battles (NIMBY). There are good reasons for each area. You'll find me hopping around both.

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