Saturday, January 24, 2015

SL Go, photography, and Goldilocks

Before I begin, I don't work for OnLive and I'm not in any way compensated for any endorsements of SL Go.

There seems to be some disagreement among a few SL Bloggers on the merits of SL Go and photography.

Two resident's popped up on my blog-feed this morning:

The first one I read...
Ciaran Laval: SLGO Is Worth A Dabble But Snapshots Are Easier With A Normal Client

Followed by the second...
 Jo Yardley: The pleasure of photography in Second Life with SLGo

It all comes down to the individual user's computer and broadband Internet.

My broadband is blazingly fast. Plus, we have the latest Netgear WiFi router. Our family can run almost two dozen devices - several of them can stream video simultaneously. This is a definite requirement when keeping young boys busy while we adults enjoy Netflix (such as House of Cards) and HBOGO (such as Game of Thrones).

For me, SLGo is "Goldilocks" - for my home and business situation. It's JUST right. It allows me a choice I didn't have before. The option of staying with a regular, easily replaceable laptop I use at home or mobile and remotely use a super-computer on a month-to-month lease.

My options weren't great before SL Go. I was very very close to deciding if 2015 would be the year I would permanently leave SL or not. Now, since SL Go, I can run Second Life on my mid-level laptop and be able to do most things I did before.

Back to the subject of photography... I've never EVER been able to take great snapshots in SL. For the last few weeks I've taken many action shots that I think, look fantastic - and I look forward to creating more interesting and artistic still shots in the future. This would NOT be possible without SL Go. My entire Second Life in 2015 would not be possible without SL Go. So I'm perfectly fine with emailing snapshots to my email address.

I'm with Jo Yardley on this.
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