Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Answer to Not-a-meme #17: State Thy Groups

One of the first things I do upon meeting a new avatar in SL, is open their profile and inspect their choice of groups. Just who am I dealing with here? » Blog Archive » Not-a-meme #17: State Thy Groups

In her most recent post, Vint Falken wrote: "State Thy Groups!...Why? Because the groups a person is in is what I first notice when watching their SL profiles: having ‘Free xxx club’ and such things in your group list does not help if you want to talk to me! Because I want to make a good impression too. Because I think an avie’s group memberships tells a lot about that avie. And because I’ve decided that any group I don’t want to tell about here or that I can’t think of a good reason for as to why I’m a member of that will have to go...."

I usually slog through my groups list every other day, re-evaluating the usefulness of some and verifying the worthiness of others. What I present here is a snapshot of my group memberships today as I write this post. So without further ado...

My Second Life Bloggers group...
Much of my SL time both inworld and out is devoted to building our SL blogger community.
Current Tag I use: **BLOGGER**

My weapons, combat, and protection groups...

Girls and Guns, aka Girls with Guns
The very first group I started and a popular concept I might add. ;)
Current Tag I use: **Girls with Guns**

Anti-Griefer Special Operations
Members assist with identifying, reporting, and responding to various griefers and their mayhem.

Anti-Griefer Special Operations VIP
Members are primarily sim or club owners, managers, who use this group to report problems.

Bloggers with Blades
for all us bloggy types who appreciate descriptive swordplay and sharp wordplay.

Pure Combat
for those who just want to get in there and kick some ass.

My two home groups...
[text deleted by special agent Alotta Firepower for reasons of grid security]

My science, business, and general knowledge groups...

The Rocketeers
for those who enjoy building and scripting SL rockets.

Bantam Dell Book Cafe
because I love books and coffee. Please! We need a Barnes & Noble inworld!
covering business and entrepreneurship within SL.

Things To Do
founded by 57 Miles, the gentleman who brings you

My roleplay groups...

Battlestar Galactica Fans
because I love the new show and I hate those frakking toasters (except for Six and Sharon).

The Dune Project
Dune, Arrakis, Desert Planet!

My steampunk groups...

The Steampunks

Steampunks of New Babbage
for those of us without current land holdings in Babbage.

New Babbage Cog

the newspaper/blog of New Babbage.

Victorian Retrotech Society
for builders and scripters of steampunky themed doodads and thingamabobs.

My music and club groups...

Jazz Enthusiasts
one group that covers all the jazz events in SL

House of Chaos Elite Members
from my friend and club owner Tamara Zauberflote.

Tam's Friends
also from my friend Tamara Zauberflote.

Club Extreme Fuzion
the club where Tamara Z and I danced two weeks ago. The most likely group to be deleted next.

Nocturnal Shadows Management
the mall and club project from my friends Macey, DwarfRed, Silvy, and Torr.
Current Tag I use: **Shadow Scribe**

My miscellaneous group...

I was tired of joining groups just so I could have a cool tag for a while, only to delete the group later because I didn't really want to be a permanent member of Second Life Furry Lesbian Porn Stars for Hillary in '08, or whatever. I started ZOE TAGS so I could create a role/tag and have it ready for any occasion. I can have up to 8 different tags. More if I change titles of the owner and officer roles. Here's a few tags I have in the group...

**SL yes, sleep no**
**Mistress Zoe** (sorry that's only for me)
**Futurama Fan**
**constant shopper**

So far I have one other member who seems to like the **SL yes, sleep no** tag.
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