Monday, February 2, 2015

Here's my blogging milestone

Listed are the Year,  and number of blog posts...

2007, 265 posts (started SL January 21, 2007 - later I discover the joys of steampunk and aviation in SL)

2008, 562 posts (definitely my most active year in SL as well as blogging)

2009, 155 posts (decline in my SL experience as aviation gets more difficult)

2010, 68 posts (further decline as RL family and work take center stage)

2011, 20 posts (the perfect storm of RL family, work, and a crappy SL experience)

2012, 13 posts

2013, 1 post

2014, 5 posts (by November all my land is sold off and I very seriously consider a complete exit from SL. In mid-December, all that changed with the announcement of Firestorm on SLGo)

2015, 41 posts - all in January.

It's clear -- not only am I back inworld regularly and consistently, but I've returned to blogging at a reasonable pace. I missed both, and I have SLGo to thank for my happy and productive return.

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