Tuesday, February 24, 2015

RAF Tarington, RCAF HQ (WW2), an overview

Here is an overview of Cornelius Fanshaw's RAF Tarington Air Base located along the western edge of Jeogeot Gulf.

 These two snapshots were taken right after the move to Tarington from next door Rundledawn. Niki Wilder now owns the parcel at Rundledawn.


(Toscha Vayander, me, Barry Foehammer, and Niki Wilder)

(The Bomber sits in the middle of the new Tarington parcel)

Cornelius has been very busy (but of course he loves it!) putting RAF Tarington all together with bits and pieces I've seen since I've known him. Now he has enough space and prim for everything. And all in a great location (Jeogeot Gulf) where such things are appreciated. Traffic has skyrocketed!

(I love the line of trees, it divides the parcels without preventing cross traffic between Cornelius and Niki. Nice touch, Niki!)

This is now base of operations for our 401 Squadron RCAF (WW2) SL Group.

So this was the overview. In my next post about RAF Tarington, I'll show you some details, and (whispering)... reveal a few secrets.

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